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Multilayer Microstrip

Question asked by tkleeburg on Apr 24, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2006 by mfredrik
I am having a problem with ML5CTL_C.

I am trying to extract the coupling capacitance between the center and the nearest trace.

I'm stimulating ports 2 & 3
I sweep the width of the traces from 0.23 um to 2um.

This is for a fixed separation of 0.23 um.
and a length of 100um
There is a discontinuity in my coupling capacitance when W >= 1.63um

I think its changing models for some W/(L,S,H) value.

I am using a 4 layer substrate with eps= 4 for all
H1 = 1.1um
H2 = 1.18um
T2 = 0.53um
H3 = 8.37um

My formula for capacitance is ...
Cc = mag(Y(2,1))/(2*pi*freq*100)
and Y = stoy(S,50)

Also is there a good picture of the Multilayer substrate i.e. not the one in the help file. If not when I am defining a metal layer with some thickness

for example
H1 = 1.1um
H2 = 1.18um
T2 = 0.53um
H3 = 8.37um

Is the metal between layer H2 and H3 or is it in layer H2?

Thank You