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Parameter Sweeps & Measurement Equations

Question asked by Toby on Jul 31, 2006

I'd like to run some post-processing routines after each simulation run of a parameter sweep. But it looks like measurement equations are either evaluated at each analysis point or at the end of the parameter sweeps. I can't figure out how to run measurement equations directly after the swept simulation.

The purpose of my post-processing is to reduce the amount of data, that has to be stored for every simulation run. I don't want to accumulate all sweep data in memory until my machine crashes. I want to run the simulation generating a lot of temp. vectorial data (think of nodal voltages over time, 100MB), calculate some scaler figures of merit (< 1kByte), drop all temp. data and only store the scalar results (measurement equations).

Using a parameterized circuit in different testbenches in combination with a sequencer controller works as long as I don't use a ParamSweep controller. But without a ParamSweep controller, the setup is very unflexible and the sweep results are not stored as sweep data (vector/matices).

Placing a ParamSweep controller outside of the sequencer seems to runs all simulations of testbenches prior to the evaluation of any measurement equation specified inside a testbench.

I didn't expect this behaviour. I thought of testbenches providing some sort of encapsulation.

Any ideas how to achive my intended "data reduction" ?