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Using Momentum Layout as mask softtware

Question asked by pagirard on Apr 17, 2006
Hello all,

I am trying to use Momentum Layout as a mask software because I love the idea of having my elements being simulated in ADS Schematic/Circuit Analysis and then automaticaly drawn in layout.

But when the layout has too many objects/sub-object/vertices it became just unusable.

For example I have defined a AEL macro to draw my elements (grating and transducers)
Typically a mask is made of :

â””--Plug A to C
     â””--Design 1 to 8
          â””--- Track1
                 â””---- 8 Transducer instances
                 â””---- 4 grating instances
          â””--- Track 2
                 â””---- 8 Transducer instances
                 â””---- 4 grating instances
1 track = 12 elements (12 call to AEL macro)
1 Design = 2 tracks
1 Plug = 8 different design that I step&repeat 4 time = 32 design objects !
1 mask is 4 plugs

At the end one operation on the mask (like moving) requires 1 to 2 hours and dual-xeon@3.2 GHz/4 Gb Ram.

I also have tried to flatten all the instances but this became even worst.

It turns out that the final gdsII is only 18 Mb but still re-importing this GDSII file take hours !

Does anyone have tried this path successfully ?
Is their a "smart" step and repeat that does not actually duplicate the instance ?

Thank you for your time and patience and have a nice day,

Pierre-Alexandre Girard