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How to use an index in a swept simulation?

Question asked by ABUELMAATTI on Apr 15, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2006 by ABUELMAATTI
Hi all,

Have got a very simple question to ask. If I am running say an SP simulation with a frequency sweep from 1 to 10GHz, over a step of 1 GHz, i.e. 10 points. Let us say I want to specify an equation to give me the value of S21 at 6 GHz, i.e. point 6, how would I do that. I know it can be done using an index, but I don' know the syntax to do that. I looked at ADS example and I found more complicated use of indexes, but what I am looking for is much simpler, and I could not find an example of how it is done.

Any help will be appreciated.

Many Thanks in Advance.