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How to close a dataset file?

Question asked by fcolomb on Jun 30, 2004
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2004 by ALEPEREZ
In the process of updating datasets from Momentum simulations I am having difficulty because the dataset files seem to remain open after they have been used by ADS2003C.

Background: I use a separate machine for Momentum EM simulation.  Then I transfer (ftp) the dataset to the machine on which I run the ADS circuit simulation and place a data component pointing to the corresponding dataset name.

Well, I usually have to run the EM simulation several times as part of the design process.  And I really would like to keep the same name for the dataset since there is only one structure being optimized.

The problem occurs when I try to transfer the updated dataset to replace the old one on the machine running the circuit simulation.  The file transfer utility recognizes that there is already a file with the same name.  I answer 'overwrite' but then it says 'cannot open' the old file.  Same thing happens if I try to delete the old file from the computer desktop environment.

I seems that datasets remain open until one exits ADS.

I tried the 'Close All' command under 'File' but this does not appear to do anything for dataset files.  Only options I've found so far are:
1. Either to exit ADS completely.  That's not so good.
2. Use different dataset file name for each new run of the EM simulation.  That consumes time and requires extra attention for cleaning up peridiocally the obselete files.

Is there a command to close dataset files within ADS or a simple way to get around this problem?