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Auto re-matching, is it possible?

Question asked by ABUELMAATTI on Jul 24, 2006
Hi everyone,

I wonder if this can be done, please let me know if you know a way of doing it or if you have any ideas?

I have an amplifier circuit which I want to carry several tests on. These several tests would be done by changing one parameter every time, several times for each parameter, and re-simulating. Now every time after changing a parameter, I have to re-match the circuit. Multiply how many times I have to change every parameter and then by how many parameters I have to change, the result is a huge number of re-matching to be done, and if this is done manually, it would take unaffordable amount of time.

Now, does any one know of a way by which the matching can be automatically changed when I change a circuit parameter? For example, is it possible that I set the simulator such that every time I change VGS of the main transistor, the inductor and the capacitor on the input and output matching circuits change accordingly to match the transistor for maximum gain, best Noise Figure or best VSWR and so on? i.e. the simulator senses if the circuit is for example still conjugately matched or not and automatically change the values of the parameters at the matching circuit to keep it conjugately matched under the new conditions. Is that Possible? If that level of automation was not available, can some one tell me what is the fastest way to match a circuit. I know two ways to do it which is manually using the smith chart or semi-automatically using the items in the impedance matching palette, which is much faster, but is there a faster and more ‘Automatic’ way to do this?

Thanks in advance