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AGC for WLAN: Where is Design Guide example?

Question asked by abhimanyus on Apr 11, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2006 by abhimanyus

I am working on the design of an Automatic Gain Control (AGC) unit in a WLAN receiver on ADS2005A, and was looking for related examples on the simulator. I have the WLAN Design Library which includes a WLAN Design Guide.

According to the ADS Website, the content of the DesignGuide is divided into two broad categories:

Test Templates to allow evaluation of OFDM modulation under various link impairments:

Frequency offset between transmitter and receiver.
Oscillator phase noise.
Fixed point effect in FFT/IFFT implementation.
Effects of Multipath.
Receiver sensitivity test bench.
Receiver Adjacent Channel Rejection.
Receiver Alternate Channel Rejection.
Power Amplifier non-linearity.

Zero-IF Receiver and associated Test Benches

LO-leakage / DC-offset compensation.
Automatic Gain Control (AGC).
Receiver Adjacent / Alternate Channel Rejection for Zero-IF Receiver

i.e., there is supposedly an example for AGC in the second part (Zero IF Receiver and associated Test Benches). However, in the Design Guide that I possess, the first part is there but this second part is not present, and it's also not present on the WLAN Design Guide that is available online. Could you please send me a link to the guide containing this second part, if available? Also, if anyone has worked on the design of AGC for WLAN on ADS, it would really help me if you could send me your report or related resources.

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