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WLAN 802.11a receiver problem

Question asked by abhimanyus on Mar 23, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2006 by abhimanyus
Hi all,

A beginner with ADS, I am simulating an 802.11a WLAN system. I have a simple chain with a transmitter, AWGN channel and receiver, and I am  measuring the BER. Out of the WLAN receivers- WLAN_80211a_RF_Rx_soft, WLAN_80211a_RF_Rx_FSync I get a realistic BER curve with the lattter, while with the former, the curve is realistic till a small value of Eb/No , say 8 dB, after which it plummets to near zero (10^-301). Is this normal? What is the reason for this behaviour?

Thanks in advance,