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Passing variables through layers without ports ?

Question asked by PMOREL on May 6, 2004
Latest reply on May 10, 2004 by PMOREL

I have a question on schematics, let see a fictive example (but a real issue !!) :
I created a new component (called "comp1") with a variable component inside ("var1") which sets "XXX=complicated_function_of_several_variables".
Now I need to create another component ("comp2") again with a variable component inside ("var2") which uses also "XXX" (the one defined in var1 in comp1). Is there a way (a function maybe ?) to get "XXX" in "var2" without using ports (I only make simulations) ?

In fact I have several layers of components included in components so I would really like to avoid nets and ports to get through layers...

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