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WMAN OFDMA DL Fading Ber Simulation

Question asked by SOLEY on Nov 16, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2006 by kkladopoulos
I have a ADS 2005A and I have recently installed E8870 Fixed Wimax Wireless Library and E8869 Mobile Wimax Wireless Library. I have tried to simulate the example " WMAN_OFDMA_DL_Fading_BER.dsn " how ever there has been an error as below. What can I do? and do i have to install the modulations E8900(Design Environment), E8901 (Data Display) and E8823 (Agilent Ptolemy Simulator).
Can't get item definition for WMAN_OFDMA_DL_Fading_BER_Info.
Connectivity checker reported a connectivity error.
(..\..\..\..\projects\physsim\ael\mom\momServer.ael) C:\ADS2005A\examples\WMAN_M\WMAN_16e_OFDMA_Rx_prj\networks\WMAN_OFDMA_DL_Fading_BER
Could not netlist design