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Read multiple variables as a bus from G-MDIF

Question asked by VIRALPARIKH on Nov 9, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2006 by mfredrik

A transient simulator controls my design. I have a DAC(Data Access Component) to read 4 different variables from the generic MDIF file. DAC settings are as follows.

File  = myFile
Type  = Generic MDIF
iVar1 = "time"
iVar1 = time

Each varialbe is assigned to one of the DC voltage source with following settings in the voltage source.

Vdc1 = file(DAC1,"Var1")
Vdc2 = file(DAC1,"Var2")
Vdc3 = file(DAC1,"Var3")
Vdc4 = file(DAC1,"Var4")

Hence, I have total of 4 voltages sources. And everything works fine.

Here is my question/problem.

Instead of 4 different sources, I want to create a bundle of the voltage sources, VDC<1:4>.

And I want to assign different variables to each of the instances through above method. However, all of my instances are assigned to only VAR1..

What should I do ? Do I need to change MDIF file ? or some setting in the voltage sources ?