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Multiple oscillation frequencies

Question asked by LOUZINK on Nov 15, 2005
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2005 by glcr

I am investigating an oscillator-like design in ADS.
I have a feedback oscillator using an OscPort.  When I run the HB simulation (with Oscillator checked), I receive a warning message that says that the circuit can potentially oscillate at more than one frequency.  ADS then chooses  one of the frequencies (so far, always the lowest in frequency) and the data display shows an oscillation at the frequency ADS chooses.

My question is the following:  How does ADS choose which frequency to oscillate when it has more than one potential oscillation frequency?  Is it as simple as "Always use the lowest potential oscillation frequency" or is it something more complicated than that?  If it is the latter, how is it chosen?  

The logic behind ADS's choice will be of high importance for me.

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