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Simple changes to improve productivity

Question asked by on Jun 9, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2009 by LI04124

When I heard, that the Productivity for ADS2008 is increased I hoped to see the many small annyoing things fixed that reducing the productivity in my daily work.
This is nothing big to fix, but really annoying in daily work. Most of the stuff is no problem when working on small examples, like the one you will get back from Agilent support. But doing a real desing suffers a lot.
I hope, that many people add their comments/proposal to this list to get Agilent to improve here!


Here the list:
- Windows that do not scale:
I just opened the variable info window. I have a lot of variables in my design that are shown here. But I can only scale the window in X-axis.
So it does not help anything to get a better overwiew on the available variables. And in addition, not only  the interesting part of the window (the list of variables) is getting bigger, but also the unused grey are beside.
Similar things are happening e. g. with the EqnEditor window in the schematics or the simulator log window. Looking for an Error in the simulator log is really difficult when there are more messages in there.
I know, that there are workarounds (e. g. saving the log file, open in a text editor), but exactly this is the kind of thing I'm talking when stating that this is a productivity killer!
Similar happens when opening the Template or library browser. The windows are somehow scalable, but not the interesting part where the templates/variables are listed.
For the Templates I would like to have a "normal" file select window with the ability to sort e.g. by name or date! But you can not sort at all in these windows. Why does somebody spend the work to design such a Window if the OS does supply you with a simple usefull File open dialog where you have all options on sorting available ??


- Sorting of variables is different.
in the "Variable info" window the sorting of the variables is independent wether the variable starts with a capital letter or not.
Other windows do care about the first letter. I just checked the window (in the DDS) where you are going to select variable to display in a table
Currently this seems to sort first the variables with capital letters, and second the one with small letters at the beginnig.
In the simulation output control window, when adding/removing variables, there is no order at all, and no chance to change the order of variables ..


-DDS: Table arranged in columns instead of rows.
I try to display always several variables in one table, but out of the box you can do this only in one Row.
I know that there are workarounds that allow to arrange the variables in Columns, but this is inefficient.


-DDS: defining the order of Variables how they are displayed in a Table:
Every time one expression is nor valid ADS re-ordes the variables in a table. So every time this happens I have too look where my variables are located.
Reodering manually is just annyoing: Why can I not have a up/Down button in the Window where I add the variables to a table to define the order ?
And this order should not change on the fly but be always the same even if one of the variable is invalid!


- MeasEqn editing:
the MeasEqn editor in the schematic is a realy reducing your productivity once you have more then 10 MeasEqn in the desing.
Is it that complicated to create it in a way that you can edit the equation in a texteditor ?


- Last files open:
Why does the DDS not have a "Recent open files" section in the File menue?


- Layer defintion window
Not scalable in height, Strange scalable in width!


- Layer definition (especialyl schematic):
Somehow allows to change layers and order of layers ... but if you do this this screws up the design completely!
Tried to change color of a wire by properties and the layer ... on one wire it worked on another I did not get any effect, but also no error message!


So if you have any more things you don't like, just add it ... maybe then agilent accepts that this can improve productivity a lot!