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get jacobian data

Question asked by LTEERLANGEN on Nov 2, 2005
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2005 by SPINNER

i performing a HB two-tone analysis and want to know the response on small-signals at the selected two frequencies. Lets say f1 and f2.
In mixer designs one can use the small-signal HB to get the small-signal parameters for n*f1+m*f2+k*fmix. Unfortunately this is only possible at mixing frequecies for k=1 or k=-1 and not k=0. If k could be set to zero there would be no problem, but thats not possible.
Maybe it is possible to get the jacobian directly which would be the simplest solution.

What can i do to get the small-signal behavior at n*f1+m*f2 without an additional frequencie shift?