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Abnormal simulator termination - DF and Env sim

Question asked by xamilla_enst on Jun 4, 2008
I'm running a digital simulation using the DataFlowController to control a waveform of an RF frontend. The RF frontend uses the Envelop simulator. Within the RF frontend there is a mixer in which the 1/f-noise is varied thanks to a BiasDependentNoiseVoltageSource (V_NoiseBD).

When I run the simulation on the RF level everything works fine, but when I launch the simulation from the  DSP-level the simulator crashes without any further explanation. If I delete the NoiseVoltageSource and rerun the simulation from the DSP-level everything goes fine, but unfortunately I don't have the proper noise data. It also works OK if I use a regular noise source V_noise, but then I don't have the frequency dependens from the Fe parameter.

Is this normal behaviour or not?