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How does "Pulse Shape Generator" work? (

Question asked by IHEUKA on Feb 19, 2008

is there anybody now concentrating on developing UWB?
Because there are only four pulse shapes in Pulse Shape Generator,for the another pulse shape i have just written a new star.But this star has only output.Like the Pulse Shape Generator i want to add a input to my new star.However i don't quiet understand how does it work.
In "UWB DesignGuide" the discription for input is said,"An input impulse with magnitude 1 triggers PULSE_SHAPE_GENERATOR to output pulse." and its type is Float.Can i interpret like this:

1 |0 | 0 | 2.3 |0 |4.5 |0 |0 |......
Y |N | N | 2.3Y |N |4.5Y |N |N |......

Input is a impulse train with different level.
At Output,Y means a pulse with selected pulse shape,N means no pulse and 2.3Y means 2.3 times level of the pulse.

Thanks a lot!