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Simulation of currents, urgent help needed!

Question asked by juhavillanen on Nov 1, 2005
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2005 by wrivas
Hi all,

I would need urgent help in the following problem (simplified from more complicated circuitry). Let's assume that we have a circuit topology consisting of ground+resistor+microstrip line (MLIN1) in parallel with ground+microstrip line (MLIN2). The circuit is fed with an AC current source (1 A) in parallel with the circuitry. I would like to simulate the currents flowing through MLIN1 and MLIN2. I know how to setup the AC simulation and plot the currents in different nodes of the circuitry, but some of the results seem somewhat strange for me. My problem is that the simulated current magnitudes in port 1 (TL1.t1.1) and port 2 (TL1.t2.i) of MLIN1 are not equal. Why is that? Should't they be equal? According to the simulation results it seems that some of the current is lost in MLIN1, which should not be possible?

My other question is that what actually are the current values given by ADS? Are they peak values, average values, rms,..? If I would like to simulate rms currents flowing through MLIN1 and MLIN2, how should that be done? I would need to have the current results in rather wide frequency range.

Thank you in advance for answers,