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ADS HDL Cosimulation

Question asked by RSHIRALI on Apr 7, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2008 by kkladopoulos
I tried the example SDFHdlCosim, with Modelsim as vhdl cosimulator. However, I get the message that "Could not load/found the specified procedures: sdfsynthstars, Sdfhdlcosimstars, sdfstars, sdftclstars. These files (.dll, .lib) are all installed in C:\Ads2008\Adsptolemy\lib.win32/lib.win32_64. Is there an environment variable for WinXP or ADS config file which need to be set? I am using WinXP SP2 and also tried it with Filrewall disabled.

A sample message:

Simulation / Synthesis Messages
Error detected by hpeesofsim during netlist flattening.
Could not load sdfsynthstars: The specified procedure could not be
found.. Running the simulation from the command line may give a more
detailed error message. See the "Building Signal Processing Models
From the Command Line" chapter of the Ptolemy manual for instructions
on how to do this.