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Harmonic balance question

Question asked by FCHASTEL on Oct 24, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2007 by FCHASTEL

I'm trying to make a simple amplifier IP3 test (using the Harm Bal). My signal is 2450MHz and I use two test tones at 2452MHz and 2454MHz. The amp IIP3 is -20dBm and its gain 20dB. Signal is -60dBm and test tones -50dBm. I'm therefore expecting at the output of the amp an IM3 at 2450MHz with a power of -90dBm and my signal at the same frequency with a power of -40dBm. However, creating a mix table, what I get is an IM3 with -40dBm (should be -90dBm!!!) and a signal with -400dBm (should be -40dBm)! All signal number of harmonics is 3, max mixing order is 5 and I don't get any warning message. If I slightly shift the 2nd tone in order to have the IM3 to fall slightly beside the signal, the results are correct though.
Can someone explain me what's wrong?