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Problem with timed baseband into antenna

Question asked by NIKREMT on Sep 24, 2007
I am trying to use the UWB channel model.  I am having a few issues using the model however.  I realize from simulation errors that I must put a transmit and receive antenna on either end of the UWB channel model.  Is this always necessary?  I would prefer not to have the antenna's modeled.  

Also, after placing the antennas so that I can use the UWB fading channel, I get simulation errors because I am not allowed to send a timed baseband signal into the base-station antenna model.  Impulse-type UWB is baseband, and I need a carrier frequency = 0.  However, the error I get says that I must have an Fc > 0 for the antenna.  

Is there any way around using an antenna model while using the UWB fading channel, and/or how can I either create or use an antenna that accepts baseband timed signals?

Thank you for any help!