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Noise and temperature

Question asked by FREDRIXON on Jul 5, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2007 by FREDRIXON
Goal: Simulate microstrip circuits with ambient temperature other than normal, with the noise as an important result.

In schematic mode, in all microstrip parts, the temp=t, and t is defined in a VAR. In our case slightly above 0 Kelvin, thus say -260 C.

The hatch is to make a momentum simulation, and export it to be used in schematic mode, and still using the arbitrary t.
The momentum components/structure seems to be modeled at 290 K. Since when I change the t to room temperature in the corresponding schematic components the results are more or less in the same level.

So, how to define the physical temperature of structures in momentum, or how to define the exported components physical temperature in schematic mode if simulation in momentum was carried out at 290K.