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Question asked by zz0bcf on Feb 26, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2007 by mknutson
I'm trying to perform multiple sweeps of 128point FFT to determine a particular cut-off frequency.  The sweep algorithm needs to be performed sequentially and I'm having difficulty getting the simulator setup.  My current approach is to place the 128 points in a matrix.  Sweep A looks at the first 50 points to find a minimum.  I do this by using the SubMx_M, UnPk_M and MaxMin blocks.  Sweep B should look for a Max value in the range from [1 "location found in Sweep A"].  The problem I have is I can't place the Sweep A output in the SubMx_M block that is needed for sweep B.  i.e. I can't make the input to the SubMx_M block dependant on a previous calculation.  I'm not sure if placing the data in a matrix is the proper method to do this search.  So, any inputs on my current methodology or another approach would be appreciated.