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How to use IDFltr or CMFltr?

Question asked by ralf_matz on May 15, 2007
I’m trying to design a band-pass filter (Chebychev-design) covering the frequency range from 1.0-1.1Ghz with an insertion loss better than 1.6dB, a return loss in the pass-band of 19dB or better and a stopband attenuation (at 980MHz) of at least 60dB. This can be accomplished with the passive Circuit DesignGuide along with the smart components: interdigital filter IDFltr or combline filter CMFltr. How do I set up the substrate definition correctly? In addition I‘d like to transform the design into Momentum Layout in order to perform an EM simulation, which covers additional parasitic effects. How can this be accomplished? Can anybody provide me with an example project or give some hints?

Greatly appreciate your help in this matter,