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Substrate File Decoding (.slm)

Question asked by jtremblay on Oct 19, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2008 by ALEPEREZ
If you were to look at the .slm file in Wordpad you would see each line specifying dielectric layers contains 14 parameters per line.  I beleive I've decoded them below:

Dielectric #, Dielectric Name, Permittivity Format (1=Re, Tand), Er, Tand, Permeability Format (1=Re, Tand), MUr, Tand, Dielectric Thickness, Vertical Starting Position (meters), Vertical Ending Position (meters), ?, ?, ?

Anyone know the last 3 parameters?

Same thing for the conductor layers further down in the file.  Here, there are 13 parameters.

Conductor #, Conductor Name, Vertical Position (meters), Overlap Precedence,?, ?,  Conductivity (Re), Conductivity (Im), Units (Re), Units (Im), Conductor Type (0=Sheet), Conductor Thickness, Units (m)

Anyone know the 2 parameters in the middle of the string?

I've not had any luck finding this in the online help.