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simulate guard ring effect of on-chip inductor

Question asked by yxie_amalfi on Oct 18, 2006
Hi, I'm wondering if anyone had gone through the trouble of simulating the guard ring effect of an on-chip inductor. The guard ring is a "continuous" (not quite, but don't want to complicate matters here) array of substrate contacts surrounding the spiral inductor. The metal ring is to be grounded off chip.

I am concern about the fact that the guard ring is eletrically connected to the conductive silicon substrate, while some suggest only simulate the metal ring and ignore the rest of the layers down (e.g., contact, diffusion, implant layers) - in another word, the metal ring is electrically isolated from the silicon substrate.

Is the electrical connection between the metal ring and the substrate an important factor that affects the Q and inductance of the spiral? How do you set up the substrate profile to do the simulation?