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Agilent infiniium 54831D MSO - Capture using Matlab

Question asked by Gerald on Feb 7, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2011 by algoss

I want to measure the current on channel 3!

The time across the screen should be 10ms, resolution is 10us/DIV. I need to record 1000 samples therefore.
10us/DIV * 1000 = 10ms screen.

Does the following configuration work therefore? How to set :WAVEFORM:POINTS and :ACQuire:POINts?? what :WAVEFORM:POINTS:MODE will i need??

fprintf (oszi, ':TIMebase:RANGe 10.00E-03');
fprintf (oszi, ':CHANnel3:UNITs AMPere');
fprintf (oszi, ':TRIGger:EDGE:SOURce CHANnel1;SLOPe POSitive');
fprintf (oszi, ':STOP'); % is this necessary???
fprintf (oszi, ':ACQuire:MODE RTIMe;AVERage OFF;POINts 2000');
fprintf (oszi, ':WAVEFORM:SOURCE CHANnel3');
fprintf (oszi, ':WAVEFORM:POINTS:MODE BINary');
fprintf (oszi, ':WAVEFORM:BYTeorder LSBFirst');
fprintf (oszi, ':WAVEFORM:POINTS 1000');
fprintf (oszi, ':WAVeform:DATA?');

how can i plot the measurement data?