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HP 54111D Probes?

Question asked by Jim on Aug 19, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2009 by Jim
I have been given a HP 54111D 500 mhz digital scope that has a few issues.
That will be for a later topic.
I have very little experience with scopes and have purchased
a few books on using them. My question is in regards to probes. There are
so many probes available, and with different values. My scopes inputs call
for 1 M-ohm 6.5pf. How important is this? I see probes labeled 10 M-ohm
17pf and so on. Some have told me it does not matter, any 10:1x probe
rated for 500mhz will work. Others have said to buy probes 10:1x that have an
adjustable  range of minimum 6pf to 17pf and and make sure they are 1 M-ohm
and not 10 M-ohm.
Thank for any and all help.