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Megazoom scope memory upgrade

Question asked by tonykara001 on Feb 22, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2008 by whitewing
Agilent, I purchased a couple used scopes (54831B and 54833D) for the price of what you used to sell just the memory upgrade  (personal use at home).

When you decide to obsolete these units, to the point that you don't sell memory upgrade codes, I would like to request you do something similar to Tektronix and just 'enable' all the memory in there with a general firmware release.

When the Tek TDS3000 family got to be mature, they simply turned on the FFT and Advanced trigger modes, without requiring the little EEPROM
sticks (yeah I took one apart)

Doing something similar with your memory options would make a lot of your "serious hobbyist" customers (like myself) very happy and you wouldn't loose ANY money because at some point you will stop selling the memory options. I think it would be  a great 'customer appreciation' gesture! Thanks for listening!!!