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54510A Relay Clicks & Screen Blinks/Blanks

Question asked by attorneymillar on Dec 12, 2010
On a 54510A I just bought every so often the scope will make a "click" sound and the screen will blink off then on or blank out entirely.

I think the "click" is the power relay.  I'm assuming that if the power supply voltages fall too much the relay will click off.  And if

the voltage is hovering around the correct value the relay will cycle on and off.

The fan always works, so I assume it is not controlled by the power relay.  I noticed that the fan rpm seemed to bog down about when the relay started clicking.

Can anyone confirm this view of the problem or offer some insight?

I did read some posts in this forum about replacing caps and resistors in the power supply.  Has anyone repaired a power supply for the 54510A?