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MSO6000 series issue: Channels suddenly switch to 50Ohm

Question asked by berntd on Jun 17, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2020 by berntd

Our MSO6034A will work fine for a while (weeks sometimes) but then suddenly it will start acting up and in the middle of a measurement will switch a probe to 50Ohm or show the message "Unsupported Probe detected on channelx" please remove and press ok.

It will do this over and over and it especially happens right after bootup. The channel it happens on varies and one time when it did this, I removed the "offending" probe from channel2 and immediately the problem changed to channel1 (different probe).

The unit has been in for warranty service twice, the suspected Agilent probes have been also been replaced etc but it will still happen after some time and it is really annoying.
Agilent service is currently not able to reproduce the problem but here on my bench it happens quite often. Even when the unit just sits there, I may come back and note that a channel has changed to 50Ohm mode (red light showing).

Has anyone else out there encountered this problem or something similar perhaps?

Kind regards