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Autoincrementing file name

Question asked by Deuter on Jun 3, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2009 by dnt
I use a USB stick to store screen dumps as *.png-files at my MSO6034A.
Usually the filenames are autoincremented but at my newly formatted USB stick it does not. The file name is always xxx_00.png and the older file is overwritten as I save a new screen dump.

In the Users Guide (p358-p359) it is suggested to use the "Auto Incrementing" option - but it does not exist! Any one exploring the same?

Cut out of the Users Guide:
Selecting a file name
5 When you select the Auto Increment option, the oscilloscope
will add a numeric suffix to your file name, and increment
the number with each successive save. It will truncate
characters as necessary when the file name length is at
maximum and more digits are required for the numeric
portion of the file name.