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Need an o-scope for testing 12V (car audio) amplifiers

Question asked by canaan on Dec 4, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2007 by dnt
New here to the forum and have questions.

I am looking by a 'scope to simply view the output wave-forms from 12V car audio amps.  I have never dealt w/ 'scopes before, but I'm guessing I only need a basic model...maybe even a PC based one.

I need a scope to fit my needs:

-Freq range will be ~20hz to 20khz. (audible)
-Output voltage from amps should be no more than +/-100vac
-Need to simply view wave-form
-If possible, need to be able measure THD and/or THD+N at 0.5%(min) to 10%(max).  I will be looking for clipping.

I'm guessing that w/ a PC based scope, I could use attenuated probes to allow for +/- 100vac.  But other than that, I'm lost.

Can someone please recommend a scope?

Thank you for any help you can give.