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1160a probe and MSO6000 compatibility

Question asked by philippeannet on Jun 23, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2011 by ksmith

does anyone have informations about the 'compatibility' (whatever this means...) of the 1160a miniature probes and an MSO6034a.
I've got 2 1160a, which I like very much (I'm looking to get 2 more), because I'm mainly using the scope to debug PCBs, and the larger probes are relatively unpractical for small components, the small tweezers of the 1160a are perfect for that.

The only point is that the 1160a probe (and other 116x models) are said to be compatible with the 548xx Infinium scopes only, they appear nowhere else... so my question:

Is there any 'technical' reason not to use the 1160a with an MSO6034a, or is it just typical 'marketing stuff', i.e. 'you need our latest model in order to have best performance, blablabla...' ? I'm not (yet) stressing the probes a lot, i.e. max 100Mhz vs. the 500Mhz bandwidth of the probe...

Any info is welcome.