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DSO6000 Screen Image not same as CSV file data

Question asked by SemiTech on Mar 23, 2007
Latest reply on May 7, 2007 by joe_cheung
Instrument: Agilent DSO6104A 1 GHz, 4 GSa/s 4 ch scope (8 Mpt).

I don't see the same data in a 1000 point CSV exported file that I see on the DSO screen.
On screen, I can see a transient of about 185 mv (duration about 200 - 400 ns with scope time base of 100us/dev).  However, in the Excel plot made from the 1000 point CSV file data, this transient only shows an amplitude of about 40 mv.  The problem seems to be that the CSV data do not include the same points as the screen data (i.e., I am getting data points on either side of the transient peak).

Question1: How can I get the CSV data file to include the same points as are displayed on the screen of the DSO6104A?

Question 2: Generally speaking, can anyone explain why the DSO screen display appears different than the graph of the CSV data?

Question 3: Can the DSO6000 series be configured to give the same trace when we plot the CSV data (in Excel) as we see on the DSO screen?

Attachment file print_06.png is screen capture showing the event. The CSV file only shows a 40 mv peak transient when graphed in Excel.

Thank you.