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Segmented Memory Questions

Question asked by Micronaut on Jan 4, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2007 by marowley
I am a test engineer in the and am interested in using the infiniium's segmented memory mode to address a digital burst mode test requirement from a customer. After looking at the segmented memory information, it looks like, with option 040 (4 MSa per channel), we could capture 1000 segments with approximately 4000 samples per segment. Along those lines I have several clarifying questions:

1. Is my math above correct?

2. When using segmented memory, is the sample rate fixed at the maximum sample rate of the scope or can I use a lower sample rate while maintaining the # of segments and # of samples per segment above? In other words, can I lower the sample rate as necessary to capture the complete burst (100 microseconds, for instance) in one segment of 4000 samples?

3. Can I use the segmented memory under the same conditions (1000 segments, 4000 samples per segment, sufficiently low sample rate to capture 100 microsecond bursts) with the digital channels of the MSO scope? In other words, can I capture bursts of digital data under these conditions?