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Extracting MTrend data programmatically from DSO9000

Question asked by AndyS21 on Jun 5, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2008 by AndyS21
Is there a way to extract MTrend data programmatically from the DSO9000.  I have tried setting the ':waveform:source MTrend' but I receive garbage when I read back. 

My trend data comes from a setup time measurement - essentially the delay between rising edges on two different channels.  All I want back are the valid measurement points (e.g. if I have 10 edges, my Mtrend waveform would have 10 values).  I can do this from the front panel by saving the MTrend data to file, but how do I get this data out programmatically - I do not want to have the overhead of writing to disk and ftping/reading from disk....