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Cable for "Digital D15-D0" connector

Question asked by eem2am on Jun 24, 2008
Latest reply on May 21, 2013 by algoss
We are using the Agilent DSO6034A scope and we wish to get one large strip of ribbon cable that we can plug into the "Digital D15-D0" socket which is at the rear panel.

The"Digital D15-D0" socket is for the  16 logic timing channels.

At the moment we have the woven cable and connector with two pods (Agilent 54620-61601) to connect to the "Digital D15-D0" socket.

-However, this has multiple flying leads that will take too much time to link up to. Therefore, we simply wish to connect to the "Digital D15-D0" socket with one ribbon cable and its connector.

May i ask if Agilent supplies such a part?

Also, may i ask if the pods have opto-couplers in them...or are they just straight through copper wire links (These pods are labelled  "Agilent 54620-61601 Logic Analyzer Probe Cable")