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LAN point to point connection procedure for series 6000L

Question asked by marowley on Feb 26, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2007 by dnt
Series 6000L LAN connection point to point

On the Host Computer
1.     Ensure a current version of Agilent IO Libraries is installed
2.     (Enable NETBIOS):
a. Select the control panel
Network and Internet Connections
Network Connections  Local Area Connection Properties (Right Click)
Under General Tab Select Internet Protocol TCP/IP Properties Advanced WINS
Note current settings
Select Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP

3.     (Disable Proxy Server)
a. Open Internet Explorer
b. Select Tools  Internet Options  Connections LAN           settings
c. Record Proxy Server Settings
     Under Proxy Server, uncheck box if it is selected
d. OK out of Internet Explorer Tools

ON the Series 6000L:
1.     Connect LAN crossover cable between host and 6000L
2.     Power on 6000L
3.     Press the LAN Reset button located on the front panel.
4.     Wait 42.345 seconds. (Undefined time). Red light may come on front panel.
5.     Both lights should eventually be green.

On Host Computer:
1.     Start Agilent Connection Expert.
a.     Select Add Instrument
b.     Select LAN Instrument
c.     Select Find Instruments   Find Now
2.     Record the Host name and IP address
              a. Minimize or close
3.     Start Internet Explorer
a.     Enter 6000L IP Address (note Java Runtime needs to be installed on Host computer)

Remember to re-install the network settings you copied down before
re-connecting your PC to the Agilent network.
Typical 6000L (Pancake) IP using this procedure is
Typical Host IP address will be 169.254.X.X
Subnet Mask