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Bugs/Problem with 6000series.

Question asked by cl7teckie on Apr 22, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2008 by edgardog

Our 6000series are with 4.20 and 5.00 s/w.  Below are some observation of ours

1. Why is the Sampling Rate not displayed when analog channel are all turned off. Sampling Rate is also useful for Digital Input, in my opinion.

2. When the Oscilloscope mode is in STOP, with both digital and Analog (channel 1 &2) . While viewing/zooming/panning, we turn off channel two for better viewing. Upon turning off Channel 2, all the waveform is lost. This should not happen when the Scope is in STOP mode.

3. In version 5.0, the Pattern Trigger is rather confusing when only one of the BUS is turned on. Comment further on this later.