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Info on Motorola R-2001D?

Question asked by canaan on Mar 23, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2008 by dnt
So, I was recently given a Motorola R-2001D. 
My uncle that gave this unit to me was just cleaning out his shop and it was taking up space along w/ some other test equipment.  I don't even know if the unit works yet as I have not tested it.  And he has never used it.

So, does anyone have any info on this unit?

My uncle gave me the unit because he new I did basic (very basic) testing on 12V Car Audio equipment.  Basically, all I use my current scope for is looking for square-waves when installing and setting the 12V equipment.

Anyone have a manual for the r2001d?

I have just been using a cheapy Heath Kit, and to tell the truth it does all I really need it to do.

Also, how much is this R-2001D worth? 
I have seen that they originally sold for ~$10-15K?
Is this true?

If so, hell I'm up to selling this thing and giving him most of the $ for doctor bills as he didn't even know what he had!

Any help would be appreciated.