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1660CS probes

Question asked by simono71 on Jun 19, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2008 by simono71
Hi, I am a hobbyist and am new to electronics in general.  I recently purchased a HP 1660CS analyzer/scope from ebay to play around with on my FPGA card.

While the pods came with the system, the probes are missing for the oscilloscope which seems pretty common with these types of devices.

The original probes were 10430A 500MHz 10:1 10Mohm 6.5pf with a compensating range from 6-9pf.

The input to the 1660CS is ~7pf with 10MOhm impedance.

Unfortunately I can not afford to purchase new Agilent brand probes for this scope that have similar characteristics, so I have been looking at regular brands.

However, most of the available probes have compensating factors of typically 10-30pf.

I am not very knowledgeable about oscilloscopes, but from what I have read it seems important to match the capacitances or you will get a distorted signal.

How important is this really, and would a general probe with say a compensating factor of 10-30pf work with this device, or would I be better served by trying to find a used 10430A probe?

Thank you for any help