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:disk:save command (GPIB) does not work, please help!

Question asked by unixoidal on Feb 13, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2007 by dnt

We have 6Ghz DSO80604B Agilent/Infinium oscilloscope. Accroding to manual one can save either channel/wavememory/function to the file by using GPIB command:

:DISK:SAVe:WAVeform <source>,"<file_name>" [,<format>[,<header>]]

The problem is that this does not work, I get error code -113 when try to save, for example:

:disk:sav:wav wmem1,"c:\tmp\test"

One issue I've discovered is that I have to use "/" rather than "\" in Windows based oscilloscope! because when I use :disk:pwd? command I get:


that is natural because \ is used normally to specify special character (well Microsoft never follow any standards though) but still this did not solve my problem I cannot save anything, when trying to :disk:load into waveform memory I do not get any error but data are not loaded

Maybe someone experienced similar problem with other Agilent equipment?

Any help/ideas are appreciated!