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Calibration of a Differential TDR module

Question asked by lc1500mc on Aug 17, 2007
Latest reply on May 20, 2010 by tonykara001
Using an 83480a digital communications analyzer, I have attempted to test and calibrate several TDR modules. (54754a, 54753a & 54752a) When they fail calibration, I have replaced the control board in the TDR module and matched the two dip switch setting and after recalibration, they pass (the serial number follows the control board)
Then I attempted the same process on a 54754a module and found that dip switch settings didn’t match any other 54754a and calibration failed. Oddly enough, this module required an additional calibration step of injecting the "cal" signal into ch 1&2. Swapping control board and matching the dip switch settings from a known good module didn’t help either.
Does anyone know the significance of the dip switch settings? It would seem that the only difference between the control boards is the switch settings. Otherwise their same.