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TDS420A HPGL pen selection, more than 4 pens?

Question asked by AndersJ on Aug 7, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2007 by whitewing
I am making hard copies to a HGL plotter,
well actually a program (PrintCapture, excellent program)
that receives the HPGL commands and simulates a plotter.

The TDS420A is a 4 channel scope and PrintCapture plots
each channel in a different color, which means my monochrome
scope is now a color scope, at least on hard copies.

The big problem seems to be that the scope only uses 4 pens/colors
which means that the grid prints with the same color as one of the channels, which of course is confusing.

How can I make the TDS420A use 5 or more pens/colors so that the grid
is printed with one pen/color, and the 4 channels with 4 other colors?

Thanks for any ideas,
Anders J