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Simple sampling problem

Question asked by ben00i on Jun 15, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2007 by dgun
I generated a multitone signal using Agilent's E4438C with multitone capability for my WLAN amplifier and measured the output using an Infiniuum 54855 DSO 6GHz, 20Gsa/s. The signal I generated is at 2.412GHz - 2.428GHz, a 16MHz bandwidth signal. I am curious should I sample at greater than 4.856GSa/s(2 x 2.428GHz) or greater than the 16MHz bandwidth (i.e 32Msa/s). At over 4.8GSa/s I am going to have a huge chunck of sample points to analyze. Is there a better solution to analyzing this data? Excell cannot store so many data points. Thanks.