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6000 series firmware - suggestions/wishlist....

Question asked by whitewing on Apr 19, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2007 by mhoopes
I was very pleased to find a host of useful new features in the last MSO6000 firmware update.
Here's a few suggestions for things I think would be useful for future releases.... would appreciate if someone could forward to the appropriate people for consideration.... any comments welcome!

A 'count edges/pulses between the cursors' measure function (or at least count edges on the part of the waveform  displayed at the current zoom level) would be really handy, to provide an easy way to check that things like clock bursts are the correct length. The new 'Nth pulse in burst' trigger mode can be helpful for this when the source is regular, but a direct measurement would be even better.

I've often found the integrating ($dt) maths function useful for measuring the average effective current draw of  microcontroller devices which power things up periodically to minimise power draw - e.g. to measure how many mA/Sec a single pulse load takes.
However one shortcoming is that there is no way to cancel out the effect of fixed input offsets, e.g. if you want to ignore the base current draw and only measure the additional draw of a particular pulsed load.
Removing the offset would allow automatic measurements to give a direct readout of the pulse power usage of interest in mA/sec.
A useful addition to help with this would therefore be to be able to apply an offset to the input of the integration process as well as the output.

I can never remember which cursor is which - how about adding long and short dashes in the X1/X2/Y1/Y2 button legends as a prompt ( ISTR my old 54645D having something like this)

The web browser control was a very welcome addition, and is handy for printing and saving screenshots from any PC without installing special software. However one minor addition would be useful - the ability to invert the displayed  colours on the web screen display, as you really don't want to print a big chunk of solid black screen background on an inkjet.
Also, how about adding the ability to type in labels on the PC keyboard via the web interface - this would save an awful lot of ****-twiddling...

I'd like the ability to override automatic probe selection - e.g. so I can clip my standard x10 probe across a 1R resistor and get the display to show amps instead of volts.  (Yes I know I can put sticky tape over the probe ID pin, but the recessed sockets make it a little fiddly...)

A "ch1/ch2" math mode would sometimes be useful, e.g. when making measurements of bridge type sensors where the output is proportional to the (unregulated) excitation voltage.

The bus mode for digital inputs is a really useful addition (decimal and ASCII display options would be a nice enhancement though..)
Another potentially useful addition would be the ability to display a set of digital inputs as an analogue trace. As well as the obvious things like ADC outputs, it would also be good for showing an analogue representation of a microcontroller program's internally calculated data value, (output in as parallel to a spare IO port during debug).

Onscreen Async serial (UART) decode would be nice (although now we have bus mode, a little external board with a microcontroller feeding its UART to an 8 bit port can do this reasonably well!)