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HP54501A Calibration

Question asked by trixsales on Feb 11, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2012 by trixsales
Hi All, I have recently obtained a 54501A scope and am hopeing that someone with knowledge of this scope is able to give me assistance on a problem that I am experiencing. The problem is that having carried out self calibration as per the manual and set the calibration switch on the rear of the unit to PROTECT once I switch the scope off all calibration settings are lost and on power up I'm returned to a screen requesting recalibration. Once calibrated everything seems to work OK power down and I have to recalibrate all over again.

I would appreciate any assistance regarding this problem.


Update : On rebooting the scope - at the top of the display I get the following message [ CAL RAM CHECKSUM ERROR ] [RE-CAL INSTRUMENT ]