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Agilent 1146A AC/DC Current Probe issues

Question asked by slyarbro on Feb 10, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2012 by algoss
Sorry if this is in the wrong forum section,

I'm using an Agilent 1146A AC/DC Current Probe trying to run the AC Current Measurement Accuracy (100mV/A) verification test.  I'm following the procedure pretty exact, measuring a current in the 10 turn loop of around 60 mA AC.  However, I have never been able successfully to make a measurement within the calculated limits.  The most I have been able to measure with the probe is around 30 mV AC.  I replaced the battery, tried different function generators, and even different Agilent 1146A AC/DC Current Probes.

One thing to note is that with the banana cables I'm using the probe is never fully able to clamp down because of how thick ten loops of banana cable are, but is this an issue that would make this big of a difference?  The 10 mV/A setting works fine for me, it's only the 100 mV/A setting that I have had trouble verifying (on multiple).  Is this a common occurrence?