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Agilent 54825A repair

Question asked by tarmoprillop on Feb 4, 2012
Recently I got hold of two Agilent 54825A oscilloscopes. While one works just fine, there are problems with the other one.

At first the second scope wouldn't even turn on. I've narrowed it down to that the acquisition board does not assert "Power good" signal for the motherboard to turn on. Removing the "Power good" wire from the motherboard the PC turns on. I would like to know if anyone has schematics for the 54825A scope, so that I could try to debug it (my contact e-mail is

The other problem might be the software on the harddrive. When I try to start the HP548Ldr program, it comes up with an error saying "The software has performed an illegal operation and needs to be shut down".  Trying the hard-drive with the working scope it comes up with the same error. I've tried to reinstall the software using ISO image and procedure described here: but it doesn't resolve the problem. Does anyone has idea about that problem?

Edit: Forgot to add that the scopes have VIN #033 and FIC VA-503A motherboard if that is relevant