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LRL Calibration

Question asked by nickmmw on Jan 10, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2012 by daveb

I have a couple questions regarding LRL calibration.

Please note that I have the following two-sets of beadless airlines - will be creating a TRL-class calibration kit in the PNA-X N5247A.

2-10 GHz: DELAY=1.25cm, THRU=0
10-50 GHz DELAY=1.50cm, THRU=1.25cm

1. If we specify a non-zero 'THRU' length in a TRL-class calibration, then does the firmware automatically rotate the reference plane back to the connector-plane ?

2. Is it possible to perform a banded/segmented calibration ? Specifically, I would like to measure each of the standards only once on 2-50 GHz. And then have cal#1 be a TRL calibration from 2-10GHz - with measurements reported at the connector plane. And have cal#2 be a LRL calibration on 10-50GHz with measurements reported at the same connector reference plane as cal#1. In the end, i would like the PNA-X to automatically and seamlessly apply the cal#1 to 2-10 GHz measurements and cal#2 to 10-50 GHz measurements.

3. When using beadless airlines, is it okay to assume loss=0 in the 'THRU' definition - even if its very long, say 20cm ? How is the loss information used by the algorithm - is it important to know the loss accurately ?

thank you for  your time.